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September 2013

The minutes for the meeting held on the 29th of August were kept by Bruce Morgan.

-Bruce gave the Pledge of Allegiance.

-Welcome new member Bob Shock.

-Parking was difficult because the football game was on. A suggestion was made to open the outside display gate to our members. A guard would have to be used though. Other thoughts?

-The quartermaster and other reports were held over until the next meeting(September).

-Newsletter and Secretary jobs are open.

-Discussion about having meetings other places (suggestions anyone)?

-Please help members who cannot get to meetings.

-Colonel Voyles verified that the museum is not selling vehicles. This is just a rumor.

-What can we do to retain our members and recruit new ones? Everyone must help out in this area please!

-Discussion is ongoing about joining the MVPA. Should our officers be members?

-Will there be a Wendover Air Show this year? With the military cutbacks, there will be more need of clubs such as ours.

-Members are still needed to give short presentations at meetings (5-20 min) so step up and volunteer! Our last presentation was on the 1903 Springfield rifle.

-Woods Cross High School is for sale. Good place for meetings?

-ACE TATOO is offering 20%off to vets and spouses of veterans. They offer piercings as well. Just bring an ID card or DD214. Active, National Guard and Army Reserve. 801-966-3880.