Membership dues are $15/year but, visitors are always welcome! See our Schedule.

October 2013

Club Meetings are always at Fort Douglas at 7 PM on the last Thursday of the month.

1. If you desire to get your vehicle on the website ( simply send us your photo and info any time! We’re making it that easy!

2. For editorials, contributions, items for sale, or to showcase your vehicle in a member spotlight, contact Pete Park.

3. Pete Park has volunteered to serve as secretary and newsletter editor and he will start in November. Thanks Pete!!

4. Dave Barber has volunteered to serve as Secretary. Thanks!

5. Our Quartermaster Layne says he no longer has room for the club BBQ grill (the one we use in October)! If you have room for it,

6. 18 members were in attendance. Dave Barber led the pledge of allegiance.

7. Welcome new member Jeffrey Weymouth! Thanks for attending.

8. we discussed past members. Dirk is recovering and our thoughts and prayers go out to our other members who are ill.

9. Topic: should we buy shirts, or patches to sew on our shirts with our logo? If you have an opinion, express it now to Layne or to our President Greg! (See Quartermaster report, this page).

10. Past events: Aug 30th Fort Carson reenactment. No report given as those who attended it did not come to the Sept. meeting. Sept 15th at Lodi: George gave a great report on this event. Very informative.

11. Future events: Wendover will not have an air show or military event. There will be a car show.

12. Xmas party: RSVP to to Pete Park for reservations. It will be held at a restaurant, pay your own way.

13. Old business: our President won Gold at the Portland Show with his MB!! Great job!!!

14. Continuing business:

a. some members cannot drive. Please help them get to the meeting.

b. Fort Douglas: no vehicles are for sale at this time. They do need volunteers for various projects so step up if you can.

c. Please contact former members and retain current members. Every member is important so let’s do our part.

d. we still need volunteers for meeting topics; 5-20 minutes would do it. Contact our President Greg to sign up!

e. We need volunteers who will stand up and give viewpoints for and against joining the MVPA. A decision is on the horizon!