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December 2013

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THE PRESIDENT’S CORNER By Greg Brubaker Welcome to the December 2013 UMVC Newsletter. The newsletter is late this month because of me. Pete asked me to do this a few weeks ago and I got tied up in the Christmas stuff and so here it is Christmas Day and I am finally getting this out. I hope all of you had a peaceful and nice Christmas, I sure did. And yes, I am politically incorrect and stating the obvious that it is the Christmas season, not the holiday season.

Our last event of the year was the UMVC Christmas Party at Diamond Lil’s. The weather was bad that day and I was slipping and sliding around in the middle of the day on major roads and so I made the decision to cancel the party so that those who did not want to travel did not feel obligated. Anyway, some of our steadfast members went anyway and I hope they had a good time. We will have to hear about it at our next meeting and see if it is worth it to do again there. I want to thank all of you who braved the weather and also to Pete who coordinated it this year. Thanks to all involved.

Well do not forget to come up with ideas on future meeting presentations. Our next actual meeting will be on January 30th, 2014. I think we are going to have another excellent presentation on guns. Start thinking of things you would like the club to do in 2014. Ray Meldrum is organizing a military Jeep and others convoy on June 6th. I will try to get him to come to one of our meetings to talk about it.

Thanks for all that you do.

Greg Brubaker President, Utah Military Vehicle Club 1943 Stinson L-5, 1944 Willys MB, 1943, Willys MBT

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Ed Smith and his 1942 Script GPW. Ed joined the MVCC (Military Vehicle Collectors Club now the MVPA) in 1976 and is one of the first members of that organization. He was also one of the founding members of the UMVC. His most prized vehicle is his 1942 Script GPW he purchased about three years ago on the G503 website. “The jeep was in pretty rough shape when I got it” he lamented. “It had a hard cab on it that was welded to the window frame and took a lot of sawz-all blades to cut it off.” Once that the custom hard top was removed he set about finding patch panels to replace rusted out parts of the body. The panels were welded into place by a friend who lives in the Mill Creek area. Ed said that he inspected the rear end, front end and everything in between (nice inspection duty) and all looked to be in good shape. So he left the mechanicals alone. He did say that he bought an early GPW engine as a back-up just in case… The paint was from RAPCO (early WW2 lusterless olive drab #33070) which he applied in spray cans. According to Ed, “It took two cases of the stuff to complete the paint job.” He has always been of the opinion that as long as the primer is of good quality the top coat goes on great. And he is right… The “Ford” script letters on the back of the vehicle are beautiful. It would be a tough call to cover them up with a Jerry can. He only drives it in the summer and says that the Jeep is all that an old military vehicle should be… A lot of fun…

Re-enacting supplies: Add more interest and history to your vehicle. Dress accordingly. Re-enacting uniforms and gear are available from the following suppliers:

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Field gear, boots helmet accessories, etc.

For Sale: 1942 GPW Ford Jeep: Restored in 2010 as a British SAS Vehicle, battling the Axis power in North Africa in early 1940s. Rebuilt Ford Engine (does not match with frame serial #), original restored frame, original restored seats, removed back seat to add rear machine gun. Includes .50 cal M2 AA machine gun on the passenger side, Acetylene/Oxygen actuated. Dual Resin/Metal Vickers K Machine gun on pedestal, and single Vickers K Machine gun on driver side. Six combat wheels since two wheels are spares. Included reproduction Thompson machine gun on hood, British water bottles, British back packs, British misc. equipment filling the back. Included SAS full uniform with shorts, KD shirt, belt, hand gun in holster (reproduction, not functioning), scarf, SAS patch. $31,000.00 Call Loic Anthian for further details 801-815-0677.

For Sale: 1943 Ford GPW Jeep: Original 1943 Jeep, comes with “F” on bolts and parts. Original restored frame, original engine runs perfectly, 6V electrical system, original restored seats. matching frame and engine serial numbers. Newer canvas top and seat cushions. One of the windows still has the “Ford” stamp! Five combat wheels. Axe, shovel and Jerry can included. Restoration by a Museum Professional. ALL gauges are working. Recently exchanged the original 6V starter with the more reliable modern starter, avoiding starter issues and battery bleed. But original starter provided with sale. $21,000.00 Call Loic Anthian for further details 801-815-0677

Wanted: – Greg Brubaker needs MB/GPW parts; straight nice driver’s side fender, working carburetor, and a good radiator. Greg at or call (801) 725-3437.

Wanted: – Elwood Powell still needs 6 military #2HN dry source batteries for his M37; 801-499-9763 or

Wanted: Bell housing for a 218 or 230 1942 Dodge engine,. Call Pete Park 435-640-0186 or email