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January 2014

2014 club memberships are now due. Please re-up. Bring your dues to the January meeting or mail to George Spargen: 7112 S. Wood Green Road, West Jordan, UT 84084

UpComing Events: Mark your calendar.

January 30, 2014: Club Meeting.

April 20- 27, 2014: Lodi –spring meet. Camp Delta at Tower Park. Sponsored by the Military Vehicle Collectors Club of California. Contact John: 415-491-1601 Campsites: Jo-Ann

June 7 – 8, 2014: Fruitland Idaho. Verify date. Idaho Military Vehicle Preservation Association. Show and swap meet. 208-890-2249

June 7, 2014: D Day “Roll Out.” Military Vehicle convoy. Commemorating the invasion of France. The convoy will start and end at Camp Williams with a stop at the capitol building. Contact Ray Meldrum 801-494-9852. Take a survey at

June 21, 2014: Fort Douglas Day. (May be changed to June 6th or 7th to commemorate the 70th anniversary of “Operation Overlord”, the Normandy landings in France.) Sign up to bring your vehicle. Help support the museum. Contact Beau at the Museum, 801-581-1251.

June 26 – 28, 2014: Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) annual convention to be held in Louisville, KY.

June 28 – 29: USAF Thunderbirds will perform “Warriors Over the Wasatch” at Hill AFB. An air show demo. (Needs to be verified.)

July 26 – 27: St. George. US Navy Blue Angels will be at the “Thunder Over the Utah” Air Show in St. George. (Needs to be verified.) September 21 – 28, 2014: Lodi. Fall meet. Camp Delta at Tower Park. Sponsored by the Military Vehicle Collectors Club of California. Contact John: 415-491-1601 Campsites: Jo-Ann mamalesser Military Vehicle licensing in Utah (for the first time): By Pete Park Military Vehicle licensing in Utah (for the first time): Antique vs. regular registration.

Question: What is considered to be an antique vehicle in Utah? Answer: According to the Utah DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) an antique vehicle is one manufactured prior to 1973. (Doesn’t seem so old. Guess that I qualify as an antique.) Here are some things to consider when registering. Think about how often you plan to drive the vehicle and how much you want to spend to get it registered. Basically, there are two ways to register your vehicle for the first time in Utah. 1) Register your vehicle as a ”Vintage Vehicle.” Requirements include: The vehicle is at least 30 years old and is only used during club activities, tours, parades, etc. but not as a “Daily Driver”. You may get the plates personalized and your vehicle does not have to be safety or emissions inspected. Cost for the licensing is $15.00. When registering you must bring the vehicle’s title, bill of sale, a photo of the vehicle and proof of insurance. According to the SLC DMV, multi-axle vehicles can be registered as “Vintage Vehicles.” 2) Register your vehicle the same way that an ordinary car or truck would be registered. For your first registration, you will need to present the vehicle’s title, proof of insurance, your driver’s license and provide a vehicle safety inspection certificate (no emissions inspection is needed). The DMV will issue you a set of license plates. Then to renew your registration annually, you will need to get a safety inspection and pay the appropriate taxes. Vintage license plates: (Usually plates were not issued to military vehicles but if you plan to drive it on the road, as per the Utah DMV, then you will need plates.) If you would like vintage plates, you will first need to search for a set and buy it. Online sources include Ebay,, License Plates USA, or an antique shop, etc. Ebay is probably your best bet. Be warned however, that plates for the older vehicles may be tough to find. You will also want to search for “Truck” type plates. Once that you have found and purchased the plates, take them to the DMV along with your registration form, certificate, etc.. The DMV will check the plate numbers to make sure that they are not currently in use. If they are not, then the plates will be issued to your vehicle and then you can go ahead and bolt them on the bumper. However, if the plate numbers have been issued then you are out-of-luck and you will need to start the search/purchase process again. The cost of vintage plates can run anywhere from $20.00 each to as much as $250+ each.

The QUARTERMASTER’s reminder: Vehicle signs and license plates are available from Quartermaster Layne Schoenfeld. Cost: $45.00 for the signs and $15 for the plates. Contact Layne at 801-556-8491

Supply: If you have a military vehicle parts supplier that you would like to add to the following list, please let me know: Pete Park

Blast Products. Sand blasting as well as the sale of sand blasting products. 820 Warm Springs Rd Salt Lake City, UT (801) 532-1551. Budget Body and Paint. 3740 West 500 South Salt Lake City, UT 84104 Phone: 801-972-2224 Cell: 801-641-4028. Utah Soda Blasting: Sand and soda blasting. Parts, frames, vehicle blasting. Greg Uliberri. 801-864-2666. Roberts Motor Parts: Vehicle weather stripping, etc. (978)-363-5407. Orders: (800)-231-3180 Horkey’s Wood and Parts: Truck bed wood and parts. 507-831- 5625. Vintage Wiring of Maine: Complete wiring harnesses for military vehicles made just like the original. Easy to install. Are you always looking for shorts in your system? Save your $$$ and buy the best. 207-465-3431.