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March 2014

The February meeting was called to order by President Greg B promptly at 7PM on the 27th at the Fort Douglas Museum building.

The pledge of Allegiance was recited by the 17 attendees.

Two first time guests were recognized, Mr. Kelly Kirkpatrick representing the American Legion Post 72, and Mr. Mike McBride from Taylorsville.

The health of some members was discussed followed by the Financial Report by George S. He reported that 19 members had paid the fifteen dollar dues.

Reuel I. was present, but had not paid. He was fined a five dollar surcharge by the membership while paying his dues. It was cancelled immediately as he paid in cash. You got lucky Reuel!

There was a discussion on what information should be included on the roster. When it was reported that the BCC (blind carbon copy) was being used for emails by Pete, it resolved the privacy email matter.

Mr. Kirkpatrick made a presentation to the club to participate a UVU function at Thanksgiving point on the 17th of May. They desire vehicles for a show and will provide space for camping with security provided for vehicles. Kelly may be contacted directly at 801-473-1622.

The next subject was the club Camp Out this year. After discussing possible dates the final decision was May 2&3 starting at the same point as previous years. Come one and all, mark your calendars now!

George S reported on the successful gun show exhibit we had in February. Bruce M manned the club table answering questions and promoting the club, thanks Bruce! Loic A brought his GPW and German motorcycle for display and possible sale. It was reported that the cycle was sold. Loic also brought his prototype RC controlled tank and amused the people attending the show with demonstrations of its abilities. He was also dressed in a period uniform that was very impressive. George also asked for vehicles for the next gun show 12/13 April. Show them if you got them. Call George at 801-556-3298! If you need a ride to club meetings please let another member know so arrangements can be made to get you there.

Mr. Bob Voyles, Director of the Fort Douglas Military Museum, briefed everyone on the status of the museum remodel. The museum is in need of a 3.2 inch cannon which was originally the second acquired by the State of Utah. If you have one in your closet or know of someone that has one and wants to get rid of it please call Bob (801-581-9846).

Bob continued to say that on Armed Forces Day, May 17th Camp Williams will be open to the public. Then on June 6th, the 70th anniversary of D Day, the movie “The Longest Day” will be shown at the Fort Douglas Post Theatre (located just above the museum) Admission is free. There are 250seats available. Call the museum (801-581-9846) for details.

Club elections will be held at the March meeting and a nominating committee was appointed. The President and Secretary positions will be voted on. If you want to serve, notify Greg B, 801-725-3437. The final topic of discussion was the upcoming debate on whether to join the national MVPA national organization.

The debate is scheduled for the April meeting. Questions for the discussion will be:

1. Cost to the club, individual requirements.

2. How would it help us recruit new members?

3. Our club mission statement compared to the national association’s statement.

4. Will the club pay the MVPA dues of club officers that don’t want to join the MVPA?

Ed S gave a presentation on Winchester Carbines with several on display. His knowledge of the subject was very impressive, thank you once again Ed. He was asked why the M14 is not available for sale to the general public. Without hesitation he answered the question. If you don’t know the answer, you should have been at this meeting!

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20PM.