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August 2014

July 29th, 2014 Meeting minutes: By Dave B, Secretary

The July meeting started on time at 7 PM and was called to order by our president, Jim Z.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance led by Bruce M, the June minutes were approved.

There were 24 people in attendance. George S reported that no money was spent in the previous month and that there is a positive balance in checking.

Our Quartermaster was absent, so no report was available, but it was noted that club license plate holders and vehicle ID signs are still available. I should also note that the attending members were in a very communicating mood.

Many personal conversations around the tables were going on at the same time which interfered with proper order at the meeting. It was brought to attention a couple of times by members that could not hear the business being discussed. All in all, there were many laughs as well as important information that was discussed.

Reports on past events were as follows: MVPA application status: Pete P reported that the application has been filled out and that he is working on compiling the rest of the information needed to submit the application. July parades were discussed.

It was felt by the majority that the Provo July 4th parade organizers must allow our club vehicles to stay together as a unit instead of being scattered through the parade or we should not participate again.

Mr. Bob V from the Fort Douglas museum provided details on the club tour of the Draper National Guard maintenance facility. Bob will spearhead the tour which will be held in conjunction with the August 28th club meeting. Anyone attending may bring guests and should arrive no later than 6 PM at the security office inside the front entrance at 12953 Minuteman Drive. Note: NO WEAPONS!

The facility is located on the East side of I-15 just South of the F-86 fighter jet on the pedestal. Parking is allowed on the street if the lot is full.

Members are getting together prior to the meeting at 4:45pm for a dinner at Virg’s Restaurant located at 12458 Minuteman Drive. If you’d like to join in, all are invited.

The presentation for the evening was provided by Mr. Jim Petersen, the manager for restoration of historic Wendover Airfield. His power point presentation was enjoyed by all as you could hear a pin drop on the floor during the entire show. He had photos not seen before, and a video from an aircraft flying over the flight line in WW2 with B-17’s lining the concrete runway. Other photos showed the hangars and other buildings which were visible from the air. Very rare footage for sure. His before, and after shots of structures were amazing to see. They are doing a fine job of restoration based on what they can do with the money at hand. The airfield is the most complete WW2 base in the United States. Jim is also preparing for the upcoming air show in September, so plan to attend if you can.

See you all on August 28th at the Draper Utah National Guard Maintenance Headquarters.