Membership dues are $15/year but, visitors are always welcome! See our Schedule.

December 2015

1. As always, a special thanks to the Fort Douglas Military Museum and staff (Bob V, Beau B, Su R and others) for letting the Club use the Museum facility for meetings

2. For newsletter contributions, items for sale, or to showcase your vehicle in a member spotlight, contact Pete at or P.O. Box 414 Park City, UT 84060. 435-640-xxxx.

3. Membership in the Utah Military Vehicle Club is $15.00 annually and is renewed on the first of January (yes, dues are due next month). If you are thinking about joining the Club, stop by a meeting for a better idea of what it is all about.

4. Utah Military Vehicle Club website:

5. Website login: The login on the web page is only used for members to add vehicle photos to the website. If you would like to add photos to the website, please contact Pete Park and he will coordinate your login with webmaster Mike Fernandez.

2014 Christmas party: The 2014 Christmas party was a success. Nice venue. Good food. For the 2015 Christmas part, keep an eye out for a restaurant that will hold 15 to 20 people in a private room/area, has a nice atmosphere, good food, and maybe in the SLC area as it is central for people coming from either end of the valley. We want to book early.