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February 2015

The first meeting of 2015 was held at the usual location, The Fort Douglas Museum on January 29, 2015 starting at 7:03 PM.

Club President, Jim Z, asked George S to lead all in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were twenty people in attendance with a few other observers. All were welcomed.

The first order of business was DUES. It’s that time of year again and all are asked to pay Treasurer George S the $15.00 ASAP.

Jim Z then presented the Quartermaster report. Shirts have been ordered for sale, but the time frame for their arrival is not known.

The Treasurer, George S, then reported that the check book is in balance, there is money in it for the time being.

Next there was discussion on events for 2015. First up was the Club camp outing which will be held in the spring. It was reported that, in years past, participation in the event had dropped off and so maybe we should find an alternate time, and place. Pete P reported that Clyde H has offered his cabin site near Hardware Ranch as a possible location. Another possibility would be to hold the outing in conjunction with the Commemorative Air Force’s B-17 visit to the Heber City Airport in June. Club members liked the idea, especially if an area could be found to do vehicle trail rides. David B will meet with the CAF officers to discuss the event for their consideration and will report back to the Club in February.

The Lodi, California swap meet which will be held April 19-26, was also discussed. According to a show of hands there will be many members who are planning to attend this year’s event. If you are interested in going and need transportation, call George S at 801-556-3298. As time gets closer to the event more details will be announced to all.

Another possible event that is on the horizon is one that will be held in Dillon, Montana on September 3rd – 7th. Dillon is close enough and is an easy drive up I15 so interest in attending was high among the members.

You should have received the January 2015 newsletter which gave an account of the trip that club members Harley J and Ed S (and families) took to Honolulu, Hawaii to observe Pearl Harbor Day (December 7th). Both Harvey and Ed were in attendance at this meeting and gave a recap. Their trip also included a series of events which honored four survivors (who were in attendance at the event) of the Battleship USS Arizona. Their report provided great entertainment for the evening. So few of those heroes are still among us now, which is sad but true.

President Jim Z showed the group the official certificate of membership in the national Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA).

Beau B, the curator of the Ft. Douglas Museum reported to the group on the progress of relocating exhibits from the existing museum building to the building where we currently hold meetings. The newly remodeled areas will increase their exhibit space and will tell the story of the military in Utah.

Jim then asked for volunteers to present topics of interest at our monthly meetings. One possibility would be a discussion and demonstration of how the M1 Garand rifle works and how to field strip it. Another might be a discussion on different types of radios that were used in military vehicles. Club member Jim Corn expressed an interest in reporting on his progress in his restoration of a Ferret, maybe a slide show. More information will be forthcoming.

If you have knowledge on a topic, restoration, etc. and would like to share it with the members, please contact President Jim Z.

The next meeting will be held on February 26, 2015 at the Fort Douglas Museum.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting. All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 19:53 hrs.