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March 2015

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Club President Jim Z at 1906 hrs. fourteen members were present.

PLEDGE OF ALLIGENCE: George S led the members in the pledge of allegiance.

WELLNESS OF MEMBERS: Harley J moved to recognize Dirk Bahlmann who recently passed away, as one of the founding members of the Utah Military Vehicle Club and a member who was very dedicated to the organization. Dirk will be greatly missed. Ed S seconded the motion and all were in favor.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Bill A moved to approve the February 26th 2015 Club meeting minutes. Bob B seconded the motion and all were in favor.

TREASURERS REPORT: Club Treasurer George S reported that the Club’s check book is in balance and discussed the financial status of the Club. Bill A moved to approve the financial report. Layne S seconded the motion. All were in favor.

QUARTERMASTER’S REPORT: Quartermaster Layne S reported that he has brought to the meeting embroidered T shirts with the Club’s logo on them. Colors are khaki or OD green. Sizes are small, medium, large and XL. The cost per shirt is $12.00. Layne can also have special orders made for golf shirts, sweat shirts or Ts, all with the Club logo on them.

FURURE EVENTS: “The Last Day in Vietnam” Bob V reported that there will be a screening of the movie “Last Days in Vietnam” shown at the Rose Wagner Theatre on April 17th. The movie is free to all and Vietnam Vets are encouraged to attend. (See the Club calendar for specifics.)

Karl Smith’s Vehicle Museum Tour: Bob continued to say that the Fort Douglas Museum’s tour to Karl Smiths military vehicle museum will be held on VE Day, May 9th. The cost for the tour was originally $30 per person but has been reduced to $20 (includes bus transportation and lunch). Anyone interested in attending must RSVP to the museum at 801-581-1251 no later than Tuesday May 1st. Bus seats are going fast. So…. take your time but hurry-it-up to ensure that you don’t miss out on the fun. Thanks to Karl Smith and the Fort Douglas Museum for sponsoring this event.

OLD BUSINESS: Meeting topics: April 30th meeting: Club member Fred B will do a presentation on the M1 carbine rifle. Fred will bring in several examples for the hands-on discussion. May 28th meeting: Ed and Jon Clint and Pete Park will bring in examples of military radios and WW2 telephone communications. (Things may change but this is the basic schedule.)

NEW BUSINESS: Wendover air show: Pete P reported that he spoke with Jim Peterson (the Director of the Wendover airfield). There will be an air show at Wendover this September (see the Club calendar). Jim would like to have military vehicles at the show and will pay something towards fuel reimbursement for those who attend.

MEETING PRESENTATION: “Air Soft Rifles.” Club member Ed S brought to the meeting and discussed several types of air soft type rifles including an M14 and a Thompson machine gun. He also had an M1 carbine BB gun and a Navy drill rifle. Harley J showed everyone his paratrooper M1 carbine case that Ray Meldrum made. Thanks went out to Ed for the great discussion and Harley for his contribution. George S brought in many cases of MREs that he was selling for $50 per case.

ELECTION OF DIRECTORS: Board terms according to the Clubs Bylaws. Bob B board term expired at this meeting. Nominations were opened for a Director. George S nominated Bob B to continue on the Board for another term. Nominations were closed and a vote was taken. Bob was re-elected to the Board.

Adjourn: Bill A moved to adjourn the meeting. Layne S seconded the motion and all were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 2025 hrs.