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April 2015

Now that Spring is here the membership is turning out for meetings.

We had a room swelling to 24 people who attended the April meeting. With the construction taking place at the museum the meeting was originally to be held in a small room off the hall where we usually met. Nearing 7 PM it became apparent that the room would not be sufficient and in the matter of a few minutes we had relocated to the construction area that had the adequate room needed. With the moving, the meeting started just minutes late.

Our President, Jim Z, started off with the accustomed welcome to all who attended. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the meeting business was started.

Minutes from the March 2015 meeting were approved without correction. George S reported that the bank account has money in it and the books are balanced.

It was brought up that money should be available to reimburse Pete for paper and ink used for the Club. Although Pete did not accept the idea immediately, he finally agreed to submit an invoice.

This brought the subject to an end for this meeting, be sure to thank Pete when you see him for all the hard work he does for the Club.

Quartermaster Layne S reported that the PX only had six shirts left from the last order and that he has been taking requests for another. Anyone interest in obtaining a Club shirt should contact him.

All the events listed in the last newsletter were discussed. A camp out signup sheet was passed around and we now have seven members participating in the event next month at the Heber City airport. If you didn’t get on the sheet but plan to attend, please contact David B.

Meeting programs were discussed and all the months are covered through August. Anyone wishing to contribute their expertise for a program please contact our President Jim.

Ideas for future meeting topics are welcomed and encouraged. The program for the night was on the Model 1911 pistol by Fred B. As usual we all learned more than expected about the subject, nice job. Thanks to Fred.

Ed S moved to adjourn the meeting. Bob B seconded the motion. All were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05.

Next meeting is the 28th of May, 2015.