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September 2015

The September meeting of the UMVC was called to order by President Jim Z at 7:04 PM with seventeen members and guests present.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance a vote was approved to accept the minutes of the August meeting.

There was not a treasurer’s report because George S was attending the Lodi, California swap meet.

Layne S, our quartermaster, reported on the status of shirts he has ordered. They should be available at the BBQ for purchase. Reports were made on events both in the past and those coming soon.

Jim Z for the Dillon, Montana gathering, Dave B on the Hill AFB museum car show, upcoming Wendover reunion, and the BBQ in October.

For planning purposes, Ogden will have a parade on November 7th and Taylorsville will have one on the 11th. We are always looking for topics for each monthly meeting; please contribute ideas and your expertise to this endeavor.

Our scheduled speaker for the night, Mr. Bob P was not available for our meeting and will be rescheduled to a future time. In his place we had a visitor attend that was drafted to recount experiences he had during WW2. Mr. Glen Ogilvie was a P-47 pilot during the war and now resides in Rose Park. We thanked him for his service and educating us about his experiences.

Fred B gave a short brief on the Beretta pistol, he brought two examples to compare and share with our membership.

The meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be the Club barbeque on October 17, 2015 at the Fort Douglas Museum.