Membership dues are $15/year but, visitors are always welcome! See our Schedule.

January 2009

1. The first meeting of the new year was held at Danny’s place – there was a large turn out of members.

2. We reviewed and approved the minutes for Oct/Nov 2008.

3. Just a reminder, yearly membership dues are due – $15 per member. It was noted that several members have been given life-time memberships and no yearly dues are required from them.

4. It was brought up again that the BBQ was a great success and well supported by the members – It was noted that Doc didn’t follow through again with his responsibilities – He forgot to retrieve George Stokes pots from the BBQ. Members please feel free to bring this to his attention.

5. There was no update on the Club T-Shirts – Bill Jr is still working on the project.

6. Harley briefed that the club has ordered 2500 business cards for members to hand out. They should be in by next meeting. Also, several basic T-shirts and magnets were ordered that have the club logo on them. Cost for a shirt is $14, magnets are $6.

7. We had several visitors – One is the owner of a local military model manufacture company ( The owner, Loic (from France) offered tours, etc. if we would like. The other visitor, Kent, has been working with Josh Coats on his Hellcat Tank. If you would like to see the progress of the restoration, let Kent or Josh know and they can arrange a tour.

8. George and Doc briefed on the Arizona Trip. It was a fun show, lots of items to buy and sell. The weather was great.

9. Several activities supported by the club were talked about – Veteran Parades in Orem, Ogden, and West Jordan.

10. See the Events Page for upcoming activities. Exact dates will be posted as the event comes closer. If you have specific questions, please let Harley know.

11. Ft Douglas Ambulance project is slow, but moving forward. Vehicle is to be moved from the Fort to Carl Smith’s facility in Tooele to be painted.

12. For anyone that is interested, Doc has a “Three Phase” motor available. See him for details.

13. It was noted that Danny is under the weather and the Club wishes him the best.

14. The MVPA – Military Convoy is still planning on being in Utah July 1st. Member will be asked to provide escorts around town, etc.. See Mike for details.

15. It was mentioned that there is an M35 for sell on – no details provided.

16. Dennis Green, a friend of one of the club members, is in the hospital and its believed that he will not be released. He has several WWII items that he would like to sell. See Bruce for details.

17. The next meeting is scheduled for February 26, 2009 at Dannys place. It was noted that all meeting are scheduled for the last Thursday of the month, unless otherwise noted.