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February 2016

Minutes from the January 28th 2016 meeting:

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:12 PM by Club President Jim Zocchi. Eighteen members were present. Jim reminded everyone that 2016 membership dues are due. Dues include the monthly newsletter, a steak at the October Club BBQ, and great comradery.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Jim led the group in the pledge of allegiance.

TREASURERS REPORT: As Club Treasurer George Spargen was not present, the Treasurers report was postponed until the next meeting.

QUARTERMASTERS REPORT: Quartermaster Layne Schoenfeld reported that the Club’s PX has $128.00 in the kitty and is well stocked with logoed T shirts, license plates, hats, etc. 2016

EVENTS: Jim Zocchi reported that he spoke with an organizer of an event that may be held at Salt Lake City’s Airport #2 (South Valley Regional Airport). The event would be a “Fly-in” or vintage airshow and would take place around August 13th or 14th. Jim will know more at the next meeting. The Lodi, CA swap meet will be held in April and there should be parades for Memorial day (See the newsletter Calendar for an updated listed of events). Bob Voyles from the Ft. Douglas Museum announced that “Fort Douglas Day” will be held on Saturday June 18th. All members were encouraged to bring vehicles to support the Museum. The Provo Military Outpost is again being organized by Club Member Wade Stout prior to and over the July 4th weekend. Members are also encouraged to participate. The MVPA national convention will be held in August.

MEETING TOPICS: Possible meeting topics were discussed. At the February 25th meeting, Greg Brubaker will present unique ways to strip paint from metal. At the March 31st meeting, Clyde and Lucy Hindenliter will do a presentation on identity fraud and at the April 28th meeting Dave Hogan Insurance will discuss MV insurance.

FT. DOUGLAS MUSEUM REPORT: Bob Voyles reported that the member’s annual meeting and dinner will be held on Saturday February 6th in the Founder’s Room of the Zions Bank Building. Museum members are encouraged to attend. Vice Admiral (Ret) Richard Gallagher will speak at the dinner regarding his military career.

ADJOURN: Bob Boettcher moved to adjourn the meeting and Jon Clint seconded the motion. All were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 8:14 PM.