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March 2016

The March meeting was called to order by Club President Jim Zocchi at 7:07PM, 31 March, 2016 at the Fort Douglas Museum.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said while looking at a paper flag on a podium located in the room. For some reason no cloth flag was available, interesting!

As March is the month to re-elect Board members, Bob Boettcher moved that elections be held. George seconded the motion and all were in favor. Bill Abbott nominated all current officers to continue. Nominations were closed and a vote was taken. All officers were re-elected which are as follows: President: Jim Zocchi: Vice President; Bob Boettcher: Treasurer: George Spargen: Secretary: Dave Barber: Quartermaster: Layne Schoenfeld (who was hoping to move on and out of the position.. But the members present wouldn’t hear of it), Fort Douglas Museum Liaison: COL (ret) Bob Voyles; Community Contact/liaison: Ed Smith (Ed was lamenting the fact that no one ever calls him… But we can change that); Webmaster: Mike Fernandez; and Newsletter editor: Pete Park.

George Spargen reported the actual amount we have in our bank account. Come to the meetings and you can know the amount. 2016 dues are now requested if you haven’t paid. Over twenty five members have completed the process and if you need George’s address, look in the newsletter or call him to get it.

The Quartermaster, Layne, reported that there is no change in the inventory and that he has product to sell, contact him for the exact items.

Upcoming events include: The Fort Douglas Museum’s Karl Smith spring museum tour date is 21 May, contact the museum for tickets. 1-4 June, Fruitland, Idaho; 25-26 June, Hill AFB airshow; 4 June, campout at Heber City Airport in conjunction with the CAF swing dance night; 13-14 August, South Valley Regional Airport fly-in organizers have request military vehicles to go with the warbirds scheduled to attend the event; See the full schedule in the newsletter calendar.

Members are asked to keep information for the roster current. Submit changes to Dave Barber or Pete Park. Submit your membership number if you belong to MVPA.

Meeting presentation was on the subject of identity theft was presented by Clyde and Lucy Hindenliter. We are always looking for ideas and volunteers for future presentations.

Next meeting, 26 May, 2016.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:16PM