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June 2016

The June meeting was called to order by our president, Jim Zocchi, at 7:05 PM at the Ft Douglas Museum. The meeting was held outside in the park area amongst cannons and vehicles.

A total of sixteen people attended this meeting. The wellness report was given followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Club Treasurer, George Spargen, gave a financial report with no changes in the checking account from last month. According to George, the British vote to leave the EU didn’t have an affect on our Club’s financial status.

Quartermaster, Layne Schoenfeld, reported that the Club still has a good of inventory of items available for purchase.

All the recent events that Club members participated in were reported on. Reuel Ipson led a discussion on how to tow vehicles using a chain and pipe.

Ed Smith reported that he won an award for attending the Bountiful Car Show along with his Plymouth and WW2 Ford Script Jeep.

The Heber City Club camp out that was planned for June and in conjunction with the CAF’s hangar dance was a bust as no one participated.

There was excitement about an up coming tour on old Route 66 for military vehicles. The tour will be held in the Fall of 2017.

An container of hot rod oil was passed around for the membership to see and handle. The oil is a good example of an additive that should be added to the engine crankcase of a vintage vehicle to help prevent wear and tear on the parts.

The next meeting will be held on July 28th.

There was no presentation this month, so the meeting was adjourned at 7:53 PM. Submitted by Club Secretary, Dave Barber.