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August 2016

The August 25th meeting of the Utah Military Vehicle Club was called or order at 7PM by Club President, Jim Z.

Pete P passed out meeting agendas and copies of the August newsletter. Jim thanked the all sixteen members and friends for their attendance.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and an update on members who are ailing was given.

Harley J reported that Club member George S has a jeep for sale that needs to be appraised. Pete will call Roger Condron to see if he knows of a good appraiser that we can refer to Fran Stokes.

George S reported that the Club check book balances with the bank statement, so all is well.

Quarter Master Layne S was not in attendance. The Club has T shirts, long and short sleeve, hats available. If a member has a shirt that he wants embroider with the Club’s logo on it contact Layne for a special order. There may be two vehicle information signs available. (18” x 24” OD, blank data plate type sign that can be customized with your vehicles information and used at shows). Once again contact Layne.

George S reported that he attended the MVPA annual convention in California. It was a lot of fun with over 200 military vehicles on display, many were for sale. Very nice people and very well organized. People from all over the world were there, New Zealand, Italy Pennsylvania, Europe, etc. The banquet was nice. Overall, a very good show. Next year’s MVPA convention will be held in Cleveland, OH.

George continued to say that he will also be going to the Dillon, MT show over Labor Day and will report on it at the next meeting. Next year’s huge Lodi spring show and swap meet will not be held at the KOA campground in Tower Park. He will have further information on the new location at the next meeting.

Bob V from the Fort Douglas Museum reported that the next museum event will the 9-11 Remembrance Day to be held on 11 September in the Utah Fallen Warrior Memorial Park behind the Museum. He continued to say that, unfortunately, the next UMVC meeting will need to be held elsewhere as all of the Museum staff will not be available to open and close the building.

Ed S reported that he attended a car show at the Bountiful Sky Park Airport. The show was well attended and included attendance by the “Candy Bomber” as well as the last living member of the Jimmy Doolittle raid over Tokyo during the first part of WW2.

Zane L reported that anyone can go online to the club’s website or visit “Utah Military Vehicles” and find the Club’s info on Facebook.

Bob B moved to adjourn the meeting. Harley J seconded the motion. All were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.