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January 2017

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM by Club President Jim Zocchi. Jim welcomed all in attendance to the meeting.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

WELLNESS OF MEMBERS: Bill Abbot is doing fine and Jerry England is doing much better after a concussion. No news has been received as to how George Stokes is doing.

TREASURER’S REPORT: As George Spargen is in Arizona at a show, and so was not in attendance. A report was not given. The 2017 Club annual membership fee ($15.00) is due at this meeting. Many members gave Club Quartermaster, Layne Schoenfeld their 2017 dues. All were encouraged to check when their MVPA (national organization) annual membership expires and to renew on time. Please let George Spargen know your MVPA membership number as our club needs to have a certain number of national members to participate in their organization. Membership in the MVPA gets you copies of the Association’s quarterly magazines, The Supply Line and Army Motors. Jimmy Zocchi reported that he has had a few calls from people interested in joining our Club.

QUARTERMASTER REPORT: Layne Schoenfeld reported that nothing has changed pricing wise with Club logoed T shirts, hats, etc. He does have a long sleeved denim shirt that someone ordered at the October Club BBQ. Whoever ordered it, please contact Layne to pick up your shirt.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Wendover Air Show: Pete Park reported that the air show is on. As per Jim Petersen the Director of the historic airfield, they will be reimbursing Club members who attend for showing up with their vehicles. The dates of the show will be September 8th and 9th. The question was asked if anyone knows if they will have an area for camping. More info will be available at the next meeting. Petaluma swap meet: This year’s Military Vehicle Collectors of California spring swap meet will not be held in Lodi, CA but rather at the Petaluma, CA KOA. The event will be held 18th to the 23rd April. George Spargen will be selling his wares at the event and has space in his vehicle for anyone that wants to go along and help him setup – take down. Karl Smith WW2 museum tour: The tour date is yet to be determined. See the newsletter calendar for more info. Provo Freedom Fest: Club member Vernon Stout will again be coordinating the vehicle show from 1st – 4th July. See the newsletter calendar for more info. Fort Douglas Day: The annual Ft. Douglas Day event will be held on 17th June from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Club members are encouraged to attend and bring vehicles. CLUB

CAMPOUT: Harley Jacobs suggested having this year’s Club campout on the old Pony Express Road which is where previous campouts were held. Access is easy and the camping is great.

CLUB ROLLOUT: Pete Park suggested that perhaps the Club could do a convoy through the Park City area to include the towns of Park City, Kamas, Oakley, Peoa, etc. More discussion will be held at the next meeting.

MEETING TOPICS: More people are needed to do presentations after each club meeting. Reuel Ipson said that he would do a talk on how to tune an engine with a distributor and points. Pete Park will continue to try and get Fuzzy Fur to do a presentation on U2 planes and flying. Harley Jacobs suggested that, perhaps at the next meeting the group could do a tour of the Ft. Douglas Museum. Ft. Douglas annual meeting: The Museum’s annual meeting will be held on 11th February. Members of the Museum are encouraged to attend. The meeting will include dinner and a guest speaker. This year’s speaker will be Major General Ricky L. Waddell, Commander 76th Division (Operational Response). Museum membership is highly recommended and a lot of fun. Contact the Museum for more info.

OTHER BUSINESS: Maverick gas stations are now selling fuel without Ethanol. Reuel Ipson reminded everyone not to forget to use a zinc additive in your MV’s engine. Not using the additive could cause serious engine problems. ADJOURN: Harley Jacobs moved to adjourn the meeting. Ed Smith seconded the motion. All were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 7:54 PM.

MEETING PRESENTATION: Several members brought Jeep tow ropes to be spliced. Pete Park worked with members and two more ropes were completed.