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February 2009

1. The opening Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Chip.

2. There was an update on Danny’s and Jack’s health situation. As far as Danny, he is working on adjusting his medication(s) and hopefully this will get him back on the path to recovery. Jack actually showed up to the meeting and informed members that he will be attending a new round of cancer treatments. This time, the cancer was found in the area between his eyes and is potentially very serious. All members were asked to keep Danny, Jack and all other members in their payers.

3. The minutes and financial reports from January 2009 were unavailable for review.

4. Several members requested another web site orientation be conducted. Please contact Mike to get that training.

5. There was no update on the Ft Douglas Ambulance project.

6. George Sparagen provided a short Lodi update. Bill Sr and George have camping spots reserved. Dates are April 11th thru the 19th.

7. It was briefed that the May club camping outing dates were set – May 15, 16 and 17th, but the location is still being discussed.

8. Mike gave an update on the MVPA Convoy. The club voted to provide a “stimulus” package to the convoy in the amount of $500. The funds will be used to help pay for food while the convoy is here on July 1st.

9. A reminder – club membership dues are due. $15 per year.

10. Harley issued out the official club business cards. He also procured club magnets and t-shirts with the club logo on them. Cost for a magnet is $5, and the t-shirt was $15.

11. Bruce informed members that he is selling his WC52 for $7500. It comes with all of his bells and whistles. See him for details.

12. Mike briefed members that he has a source that can create stencils, vinyl letters, etc. He will be getting a price list for members.

13. 2009 Officers will be voted on during the March meeting – if you have any interest in running for a position or want to nominate someone, please let Harley know.

14. Josh gave an update on his Hellcat Tank project. The entire tank has been sand blasted and is scheduled to go to the paint shop this week. During the prepping process, Josh found original WWII paint still on the tank, behind some parts. He was able to match exactly that paint color with some hi-tech modern paint. The project is ahead of schedule and hopefully we’ll see it at several events in July. See Josh for details.

15. There was a request to add a link to the web site that would provide a map to Danny’s place. Mike will be working on that.

16. Next meeting is set for March 26 at Danny’s place.