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August 2017

The July meeting was brought to order at 7:06 PM by Club President Jim Zocchi. Jim welcomed all 11 people in attendance to the meeting and thanked everyone for making the effort to attend.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

It was reported that long-time Club Member George Stokes is in a care facility and is doing as well as to be expected.

Club members that participated in the Provo Outpost and Freedom Fest Parade said that both events were a lot of fun and very well attended by the public. At this year’s parade MVs were positioned according to conflict and were grouped together.

George Spargen reported that the Clubs checking account has been reconciled and no withdrawals have been made. So far, twenty six people have payed their 2017 dues. George commented that In the future, it would be very helpful if members pay their dues by check or when paying with cash that the correct amount is paid ($15.00), that way everyone is accounted for when deposits are made.

July events were discussed which included the July 4th events. As per Dave Barber the CAF will be holding an air show at the Heber Valley Airport on 5 August. There will be a hangar dance that night with a 1940s swing band. The War Birds Over Utah event will be held on 13—13 August at the Bountiful Skypark. George, Reuel and Bill will be attending. On 9 September the Wendover Air Show will be held at the Wendover Airfield. Gas money will be available for those who will be attending. Bill Abbott, Dave Barber and Harley Jacobs are planning to attend. Jim will contact Layne to see if he will be bring his 1/2 track. Dave Barber will contact Jim Petersen, Director of the Airfield to RSVP.

The dates for the annual October Club barbeque and swap meet were discussed with 14 October chosen for the event. Pete Park will coordinate the dqte with the Museum. All are invited. For members that have paid their 2017 Club dues a prime steak will be waiting. There will be a charge for guests and non members. As in the past everyone attending will be asked to bring a side dish. Swap meet space will be located in the Museum’s back lot by the heavy armor and helicopters.

The Club Christmas party date was set for Saturday, 9 December to be held again at the Gray Cliff Lodge, up Ogden Canyon. Pete will coordinate the event with Clyde and Lucy Hinderliter to reserve the space.

Jerald Jacobs reported that he has a friend who collects militaria discovered that he had a copy of General George Patton’s “Supplemental Record” which describes the trauma that the General sustained on 9 December 1946 in an “accidental” auto accident. Jerald gave a copy of the report (photograph) to all Club members that were in attendance.

Dave Barber reported that he attended the MVPA convention that was held in Cleveland, Ohio. He reported that the event was fun however, the swap meet, vendor attendance was nothing like the Tower Park (Petaluma) meet that is held in the spring each year. He also mentioned that he is looking at selling his WW2 Dodge WC52 with a load of parts for $16,000.00. He will have more specifics for the newsletter classifieds.

According to Museum Curator Beau Burgess, on 19 May 2018, the Fort Douglas Museum will be holding a screening of the “Devils Brigade” a film that stars William Holden and that was filmed at Fort Douglas. The film will be shown in the Post Theater and will include a Q&A session with people who took part in the filming. 2018 will mark the 100th anniversary of the United States entry into WW1. The Museum will also be holding special commemoration events to mark the date. If anyone has suggestions for topics, please contact Beau at the Museum. On 28 October, the Museum will hold a tour of the Fort Douglas Cemetery complete with re-enactors that will tell passers-by about the service personnel that are buried on the site.

No presentation was made. For a future meeting, Pete Park will check to see if he can find a Power Point type slide show that he did on the Tower Park event that was held several years ago. Additionally, maybe for the January 2018 meeting, Jim Petersen will show his power point presentation on the history of the historic Wendover Airfield.

Bill Abbott moved to adjourn the meeting. Bob Boettcher seconded the motion. All were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 7:58 PM.