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March 2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:09 PM by Club President Jim Zocchi.

Jim welcomed fifteen members and friends to the meeting and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Harley Jacobs mentioned that he has spoken with Fran Stokes, the wife of George Stokes. George is doing ok and has been moved from a facility to his home in Provo. Pete Park will add the Stokes to the list of Club members that receive the monthly newsletter by regular mail.

George Spargen brought in uniforms that belonged to long-time Club member Bill Abbot who passed away last summer. George also had military overalls to sell (at a good price) to people in attendance.

Jimmy asked that if anyone has parts, vehicles, etc. to sell to please contact Pete Park who will include the items in the next newsletter’s classified ad section.

George Spargen reported that he recently attended a show and swap meet just outside of Acton, California. The event is sponsored by the Southern California Military Vehicle Collectors Club and is located in the San Gabriel Mountains at the Soledad Canyon RV and Camping Resort near Palmdale, CA. Most campsites are large and are built on packed sand pads. Despite the rain, as per George, the event was fun and well attended. It was not uncommon to see vintage tanks driving through the campground on the sandy streets. The facility has cabins to rent as well as campsites for RVs and tents. The next show at the Resort will be held on 3-7 April 2019.

Jim Zocchi reported that he and several other Club members will be traveling to the Military Vehicle Collectors Club of California huge swap meet that will be held in Petaluma, CA on April 24th—29th. He may have room in his cabin. George Spargen will be going as well and also has room. Contact Jim for more information.

Beau Burgess curator of the Ft. Douglas Museum reported that this year will be the commemoration of the end of WW1. The following events will be happening this spring, summer and fall.

- On 12 April, there will be a WW1 commission meeting to discuss proposed ideas and events commemorating the end of the War.

- On 19 April, at the Fort Douglas Post Theater, there will be a free screening of the Western movie “Wagon Master” (1950) staring Ward Bond, Ben Johnson and James Arness.

- On 17 May, 7:00 PM again at the Fort Douglas Post Theater: A free screening of the 1940 movie “Brigham Young” staring Tyrone Power, Vincent Price, Linda Darnell and John Carradine. The movie was filmed in Kanab, Utah, Lone Pine, CA (The Alabama Hills) and on the 20th Century Fox Ranch, Calabasas, CA (where the MA*SH TV set was located).

- On 19 May, Armed Forces Day, from 1-5 PM, at the Ft. Douglas Post Theater there will be a showing of “The Devils Brigade” (1968) which was filmed almost entirely at Fort Douglas and in the Salt Lake Valley.

- On 16 June, Fort Douglas Day will be held at the Museum. There will be a sign-up sheet passed around at the next meeting for Club members wanting to bring vehicles. There will also be a free lunch sponsored by the museum for those who attend with vehicles.

- During the month of September there will be a series of workshops sponsored by the Utah Division of State History which may include a field trip to the “Lucin Cutoff,” a Southern Pacific railroad causeway across the Great Salt Lake. For more information an any of these events, contact the Fort Douglas Museum at 801-581-1251.

Club member Bruce Morgan reported that the Highland Games and Scottish Festival will be held at the Utah State Fair Park on 8th -10th June. Go to for more information.

The Club will try and get Vernon Stout to come to a meeting and do a presentation on the Provo Freedom Festival and Military Outpost event that will be held over the July 4th weekend.

Election of Board Members took place. Greg Brubaker nominated Jimmy Zocchi, Bob Boettcher, Dave Barber, Layne Schoenfeld, Ed Smith and Pete Park (newsletter editor) to continue on the Board. Reuel Ipson seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Adjourn: Reuel Ipson moved to adjourn the meeting. Ed Smith seconded the motion. All were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 8:19 PM. The next meeting will be on 26 April.