Make and Model:
Stinson L-5 Sentinel
Greg Brubaker
This aircraft was purchased in May, 2007 in Kansas City. It is painted in the same markings (except tailnumber) of an aircraft “Swamp Angel” that flew with the 25th Liaison Squadron, 71st Recon Group, 5th Air Force that operated out of New Guinea in 1944. The aircraft was marked when purchased and so I did some research on the name “Swamp Angel”. It turns out that my aircraft was in an aviation magazine from 1988 just after it was restored that talked some about the name chosen. The original aircraft (crashed in 1945) was flown by Sgt. John Shannonhouse of Louisiana and I was able to find his wife. She graciously loaned me original photos of the aircraft. This actual aircraft (42-14914) was delivered to the Army Air Corps on 31 March, 1943 and did not go overseas but was used stateside. It was in the first batch of L-5s built and is number 117 of about 3500 built. Strangely enough, this aircraft was assigned to the stateside departure base of the 25th Liaison Squadron at the time they were shipped overseas. So in all likelyhood, Sgt Shannonhouse actually flew this aircraft while there.
Vehicle Images: